Today it’s a name… Tomorrow a legend

My husband woke up this morning and was startled to see this big smile on my face.

I showed him my client’s letter to me…

“This is perfect. You did an Amazing Job. I’ll send the final payment and work on another project so we can move forward!”

I will admit that I strive to work hard to earn my keep. But I give every project that I undertake all the best that I can. If my clients are happy, they will surely want to hire me again.

It is so encouraging for a newbie like me to be getting the pat on the back from  people who matter, my clients…  this makes me want to go on and do even better!

If you are starting out to be a freelancer or virtual assistant like me, this is my encouragement to you:

a. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from your clients if there is something from their instructions  that you don’t understand. It will be a waste of both of your time when you will have to repeat everything because you were too shy to ask.

b. Work hard

c. Don’t be satisfied with mediocre results.

d. Do everything to the best of your ability

I know I’m not an expert (yet) … but I follow these rules and with God’s graces I’m moving forward.

As my husband told me this morning after he saw my client’s letter…

Today, it’s a name… tomorrow a legend!

~ Marisa