The month of August was not a good one for us in the Philippines.

We had incessant rainfall that resulted in a big disaster that affected almost two million people. The sun hardly shone the whole month and if you are like me, I hate gloomy weather.

But you know what? The good thing with gloomy weather is that, I am given a chance to hope.

Lil’ Orphan Annie said, “The sun will come out tomorrow… ” and Scarlett O’ Hara said, “… tomorrow is another day.”

Who am I to say otherwise?

My journey as a VA, thank God, is nothing like this unpredictable weather. In spite of the continuous rains and rotating brown outs, I was able to finish the tasks at hand. I have completed my profile and fulfilled the requirements like taking the necessary tests. I have also updated my profile at and took exams to increase my chances of finding an employer.

I was doing all these, amidst literally overcast skies.

At the end of the day, I must say, that hope is powerful. Hope gives me a choice to look beyond where I am towards what I can become.

On a last note, today I received exciting news when I opened my email. An interested employer wrote me a letter.  I’m overjoyed to know what tomorrow may bring!

~ Marisa