My Journey Begins

You’ve been hired.

This message greeted me this morning when I opened my Gmail account. 🙂

I am just sooo excited!

I know I worked hard upgrading my skills as a VA. I burned the midnight candle working online until I am able to comply with the requirements that were set by the course that I took to upgrade my VA skills.

I put up a blog (this was part of our assignment).

And proceeded to apply at and (still part of our assignment)

Admittedly, I was hesitant at first. I think everyone is resistant to change. But I still went on knowing deep inside that this is what I want. I further searched the internet for tips to help improve my chances of landing a good job. The most important of which is writing a good cover letter. This is my advice to an aspiring VA reading this blog post… Write a good, sincere cover letter. Read the client’s job description and ask yourself if you really fit the job. If so, in your cover letter describe your qualifications in connection with the job requirements posted by the client. That is how I got the job, and I know that you will too.

It’s a great feeling. And I’m just raring to go and give this job my best shot!

My journey begins.


The month of August was not a good one for us in the Philippines.

We had incessant rainfall that resulted in a big disaster that affected almost two million people. The sun hardly shone the whole month and if you are like me, I hate gloomy weather.

But you know what? The good thing with gloomy weather is that, I am given a chance to hope.

Lil’ Orphan Annie said, “The sun will come out tomorrow… ” and Scarlett O’ Hara said, “… tomorrow is another day.”

Who am I to say otherwise?

My journey as a VA, thank God, is nothing like this unpredictable weather. In spite of the continuous rains and rotating brown outs, I was able to finish the tasks at hand. I have completed my profile and fulfilled the requirements like taking the necessary tests. I have also updated my profile at and took exams to increase my chances of finding an employer.

I was doing all these, amidst literally overcast skies.

At the end of the day, I must say, that hope is powerful. Hope gives me a choice to look beyond where I am towards what I can become.

On a last note, today I received exciting news when I opened my email. An interested employer wrote me a letter.  I’m overjoyed to know what tomorrow may bring!

~ Marisa