Watching Videos on your Computer

photo:Daniele Melato/Flickr

Okay, let’s face it. More often than not we use our computers, laptops, and tablets for much more than the regular stuff. What I mean to say is that nowadays our gadgets are also an alternative media player, right?

Well, one of the best multimedia players available in the market is the VLC Media Player.

It is simple and user friendly. It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix. It plays everything on files, discs, devices, webcams and streams.  And you know what makes it really great is that it’s available for FREE!

If you read my earlier post (A VA’s Journey), I said that this new journey I’m carrying on began when a friend sponsored me to attend a Seminar on Virtual Assistant. Since I live far — 215 kilometers (134 miles)  — from the seminar site, I chose to download and watch the seminar on my laptop using the VLC Media Player.

What more can I say? I hope you will also enjoy  watching and listening to your favorite video and audio through the VLC Media Player.

Here is a short tutorial on How to use the VLC Media Player.