C’est la vie


It can be frustrating when we have so many things lined up to do and it happens that electric power is cut off.

If you are a VA (like me) and  then a brown out takes place, that’s a disaster, right?

Not necessarily.

To begin with,  I haven’t started working on any project. I have not applied  because I am in the last stages of finishing the assignments I was tasked to do from the VA Seminar that I recently had. I can go right ahead and apply if I wanted to, but I wanted to be better equipped with additional skills so that I can have better chances landing a good one. Since I am not yet “gainfully employed”, no pressure yet informing a client of my recent predicament.

I can choose to be proactive. This brownout is a scheduled one.  It was  published in our local newspaper, announced on the local electric company’s website and information was likewise disseminated through twitter. (Yup, I chose to follow our local electric company’s Twitter account to get updated regularly. )

Since I knew of the scheduled brown out, I downloaded as much information as I could about what I was supposed to do if there was no brown out. Like today, I wanted to learn what steps I should take after opening an account at http://oDesk.com. I downloaded as many articles as I could, saved them on my laptop, and printed them out. Now, I have materials to read and study which can last me for hours.

Do other tasks that do not require electricity. I work, but I’m also a homemaker to my husband. It’s always a challenge meeting deadlines for my (past) clients and keeping our home. Like this morning, I woke up really early to cook rice because I prefer cooking rice through the rice cooker. Then, to take advantage of the lack of electricity, I  defrosted the ref. After that, I cooked four meal viands, placed them in Tupperware containers to keep. Now, we have food good enough for three days. Which means that I can concentrate on completing my http://oDesk.com requirements and proceed to making a bid for a project.

Read. The power has not returned and I still had extra time on my hands. I got a book from the shelf and thought that this was the best time to catch up on my reading. Before I knew it, the electricity is back!

Many things happen in our lives that are just beyond us. Unless I would like to invest in a generator, I have to learn to live with brownouts and other challenges that come my way. I have not been overcome because I choose not to. As it is often said,  c’est la vie!

~ Marisa

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